Theological Training

The Theological Training program equips national missionaries with tools, knowledge, and spiritual depth needed to be effective agents of change.
Theological Training
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The Theological Training program stands as a testament to our commitment to serving and equipping national missionaries since 2006, with the cornerstone being the transformative 40-day Bible training initiative. This residential program is designed to be intensive, comprehensive, and immersive, providing a focused platform for nurturing and empowering individuals for their noble calling.
At the heart of this ministry is a dedicated endeavor to shape individuals into God-glorifying and Christ-exalting church planters, deeply rooted in the Gospel’s transformative message. The program places significant emphasis on fostering character development, recognizing that the spiritual maturity and integrity of these missionaries are pivotal in their roles as leaders and messengers of faith.
An integral aspect of the training lies in cultivating a vibrant personal prayer life, acknowledging its pivotal role in connecting individuals with the divine and sustaining them in their mission. This emphasis on prayer underscores the program’s commitment to nurturing not just theological knowledge, but a profound spiritual foundation.
A distinguishing factor of this training is the deliberate focus on creating an intimate and supportive learning environment through small student groups. This allows for personalized attention, fostering deeper relationships, and facilitating collaborative learning experiences.
The program boasts a diverse faculty comprising experienced national and international teachers, each bringing their unique perspectives and insights to enrich the training journey. Additionally, the strategic location of the program within the mission field offers practical ministry opportunities, enabling trainees to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world contexts.
In essence, the Theological Training program encapsulates RAN’s enduring mission to empower and equip national missionaries with the tools, knowledge, and spiritual depth needed to be effective agents of change. As they emerge from this transformative journey, these missionaries are poised to ignite a ripple effect of positive transformation, embodying the spirit of the ministry’s core principles while planting seeds of faith and hope in communities near and far.

The Process

1. Initiation and Enrollment
2. Intensive Residential Learning
3. Character Building and Spiritual Development
4. Expert Faculty Engagement
5. Practical Ministry Opportunities
6. Collaborative Learning Environment
7. Gospel-Centered Training
8. Culminating Convention:
9. Post-Training Support
10. Ongoing Impact
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The Statistics


pastors and church leaders participated

Equipping Indigenous Leaders: Training & Church Planting (2006 – 2019): RAN’s impact expanded exponentially through its commitment to training and church planting. From 2006 to 2019, 950 Indigenous Church planters in India and Nepal were equipped in sound theology. Additionally, over 5,525 pastors and church leaders participated in seminars and conferences on various theological topics. The ripple effect of this training reached far and wide.


The Theological Training program is an intensive 40-day residential initiative designed to equip national missionaries with comprehensive theological education, practical ministry skills, and a strong spiritual foundation.

National missionaries identified by RAN are invited to enroll in the program, with a commitment to complete the 40-day residential training.

The curriculum covers a range of theological subjects, Gospel teachings, practical ministry skills, character development, personal prayer, and self-discipline.

Small student groups create an intimate and supportive learning environment, allowing for personalized attention, interactive discussions, and collaborative learning experiences.

Trainees engage in hands-on ministry experiences as the program is situated in a mission field. This allows them to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios and develop practical skills.

Graduates continue to receive mentorship and guidance from RAN’s network of experienced leaders. They are encouraged to apply their training in their respective communities, serving as effective church planters and leaders.

Graduates carry forth their enriched knowledge and skills, planting churches and spreading the Gospel in unreached regions. The program’s impact continues to ripple, aligning with RAN’s mission to bring lasting transformation through empowered leaders.

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